Thursday, September 4, 2008

Long Time......

Wow. I can't believe that our blog hasn't been updated in almost two months. Well, o.k. I can believe it. Things are just kind of crazy and out of control here.
Tom is currently working as a GTA, and also working at the drop in writing center. He also helps me clean the church. I work as a secretary for a junior high here in Lawrence, I am the assistant cheer coach and I clean the church. Let me just say, we are tired.
Tom and I just had a discussion the other day about how busy we are. We really don't get to see each other all that often. It is kind of sad, but we are trying to better our situation by paying off some debt. We don't like the feelings we have regarding debt and we currently doing our best to do what we can to help give us peace of mind. This will probably include not being able to go home for Christmas. Luckily we have lots of friends around here we can do stuff with.
We enjoyed our vacation to California and will have to post pictures of that soon. Tom's cast is now off. The knuckle is still very broken, but he has great movement and it isn't bothering him. Surgery isn't necessary at this time. We are truly grateful for that because that would be a HUGE expense that we would rather not incur at this point.
Anyway, not an exciting blog entry, but just enough to let you know that we are still alive. Hopefully a more interesting post will come soon.