Monday, March 8, 2010

The Wedding...

We just got back from Phoenix and had an absolutely WONDERFUL time! I will mostly post in pictures, because I am feeling kind of lazy about writing tonight.

Tom and Erin Leaving Kansas and heading for Phoenix.

Thursday Night - Texas Roadhouse for dinner with Mom and Dad, Dan & Lisa (Suzanne's Parent's) and Brian and Suzanne.

Friday - Wedding Prep

Jeremy, Scotty and Wyatt - Poolside

Stringing Lights over the pool!

Friday night we had a karaoke party, my pictures didn't turn out real well from was fun none the less.

Saturday morning - WEDDING DAY
Tom straightening Uncle Gary up!

Erin and Tom waiting for Brian and Suzanne

Jeremy and Ditte waiting for Brian and Suzanne

Brian and Suzanne right after being married!

Brian's Family, Suzanne's Family & Wedding Party

Saturday afternoon - LUNCHEON
Tom and Wyatt entertaining themselves

Folks @ the Luncheon

Scotty @ the Luncheon

Cozette, Scotty, Wyatt and Atalie @ the luncheon

Brian and Suzanne @ the Luncheon

Centerpieces for the wedding were items for Brian and Suzanne's Pantry...sugar, flour, spices, etc...

The girls were fairies at the reception and loved every minute of it!

Tom and Erin @ the Reception

Suzanne & Brian getting ready to cut their cake....Cake cutting was put on hold due to a centerpiece going up in flames... actually, two centerpieces ended up catching fire by the end of the night!

The Burnt Centerpiece

Brian and Suzanne's first dance as man and wife!

The decorated car

Brian and Suzanne opening up gifts!