Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Basketball, exams, and IOUs

So basketball season is about to end . . . well at Erin’s jr. high school it is. Since we went back to school in, January I have started to walk down to Erin’s school to watch the jr. high school kids play. Erin has to be at the games because of the cheerleaders, as she is the assistant cheer coach. Its nice to go down there and watch the games with her and step away from the writing, reading, or whatever work I have hanging over my head.

The games are fun and its good to see them play. I also get to see other jr high school students there and how they act. Some are better then others . . . I try to remind myself that they are kids and not college students. However, I still firmly hold to the belief that I wish stupidity hurt. Maybe some would learn faster!

Well I have my MA exams in April, so I am preparing the last article need for that. I hope to have the first rough draft submitted by next week for revisions. I am also waiting for my acceptance letter into the PhD program in curriculum and teaching . . . I have already been told that I got in unofficially, but I am waiting to heat what kind of funding I got. I pray it's a fellowship.

So Kansas is broke . . . like California. We also get an IOU from the state. NO wonder our governor accepted a position today in Obama’s cabinet. I would probably cut and run as well.

Monday, February 9, 2009

No place like boring home!

Well Erin and I are pretty boring people. In the past month or so I have started making a Japanese dish that Erin seems to like called, katsu curry. Basically, it a fired piece of pork that's been breaded placed on top of rice and then covered with Japanese curry. The curry is really mild compared to Indian curry, which is why I think people like it. We also eat a lot of edamae . . .which I really like.

Speaking of food . . . Erin has been buying this generic Dillon’s brand of Crystal Light and I tell you what that stuff is so good. I cannot seem to get enough of it. I woke up in the middle of the night craving it.

It also seems like we are having a heat wave the last week or so. But, Kansas weather is weird we have a week or so of nice weather, then all of a sudden it is -10.

Okay well I’m going back to watching the Jayhawks play . . .