Monday, March 30, 2009


So for Spring Break Erin and I went to Jenks, OK (right outside of Tulsa) for the weekend to visit Erin’s cousin Tom and Becky. However, I am surprised that Tom even knew that Erin was her cousin since he did not know our last name. The drive to Tom and Becky’s house is pretty easy. We drive about a mile West from our house get on a road going south and then stay on that same road for 4 hours till we get to Tulsa. It is a no brainer.

The highlight for me was going to this little “hole in the wall” restaurant that made homemade root beer. That stuff was so good! Erin and I for like a week after were craving root beer. But, by far the coolest thing ever was going to Casa Bonita! Imagine a Blue Bayou (the restaurant in Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland) like Mexican restaurant that allows you eat in a cave with ehhhhh quality microwave assembly-line food that has a magic show! Plus I did not see a Hispanic person in the whole restaurant. The place is just cheesy, but totally radical at the same time! They have another restaurant in Denver that has divers and other crazy things . . . definitely on one of my places to visit before I die. Check it out:

Sunday night we all had fondue, which was really delicious. Tom and Becky’s son Paul is also really cute. That kid is so smart . . . I am amazed. Plus he makes sure Tom drives the speed limit.

On the way back to Lawrence, Erin and I stopped at a lot of antique shops in all these small little towns on the way home. Erin bought some stuff she liked, and I found a couple more cola bottles to add to my collection. It was fun, plus we got to drink a lot of root beer on the way home.

I have to say I thought this Spring Break was way better then the one we spent in Troy, Ohio. Next Year, Erin and I will either go to Dodge, KS or New Ulm, MN (it’s the Polka capital of the U.S.).


Becky said...

I really liked how you documented your trip to our glorious home next to the oil fields. Weber's root beer, Braums root beer, it's all so addictive! I want to see pictures of us playing at the park on that giant five person see saw, too.
Can't wait to come visit you guys in May.

Tom said...

Hey, I know who Erin is! Just not who she married... :-) Glad you guys liked the root beer. We'll bring a pack when we come up in May.

Becca said...

If you go to Dodge, you have to go through Mullinville, KS. (OK the only reason why I did was to go to a funeral, but still its on the way from Wichita to Dodge) They have a field of scrap metal style folk art people. I think everyone that lives in the town has a caricature of themselves there, Plus some fabulous celebrity ones. I know there was a shop selling things, but they weren't open when we were there.