Monday, October 13, 2008

Wow!! Two Updates in One Month!!!!!

Well, not a whole lot has happened since the General Conference Weekend of Rest & Relaxation! We managed to survive another very busy week. This past Friday night we went to a Corn Maze in Gardner, KS. That is about 35 minutes or so away from our house. This is what the maze map looked like.

Our friend Tiffanie is moving back to Utah, so for a fun hoorah before she left we went out to dinner and to this corn maze. This is the group that we went with.

Back Row left to right: Jonathan Player, Erin Barker, Tom Barker, Steve Tingey, Matt Baker
Front Row left to right: Cassie Player, Tiffanie Player, Ali Baker

After we did the corn maze we parted ways and went to Jen and Jason's house. They live in Gardner. We hardly ever go see them because it seems that whenever we do, something happens to our car. =) Well, we are proud to report that we have been there two weekends in a row with no car incidents!

On Sunday, we went to some friends house for Spain Night Dinner. I made Gazpacho. It was really good if I do say so myself. Tiffanie made tortilla, chicken paella, and this tomato and onion salad. It was a really good dinner. Thanks again for a fun evening.

It is nice to have friends to go and do stuff with. In the mean time, Tom remains busy with school/work. He is in the process of putting together a course proposal for a summer class, writing articles, grading papers and TA-ing.

I on the other hand have been working at my job as a secretary, helping out in the capacity of Assistant Cheer Coach at the Junior High I work at and most recently finished my last week cleaning the church.

We are getting ready to leave for Nauvoo, Illinois on Thursday and are excited to kind of just get away from it all for a while. There will definately be an update after Nauvoo!

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