Sunday, February 14, 2010

December Part II thru February 14th...

Well, Tom and I were lucky enough to be able to fly to California for Christmas 2009. We enjoyed a picnic in the backyard with the kids....

We had Christmas Eve over at Tom's Uncle Paul and Aunt Sharon's house.

Christmas Day at my parent's house.

Got to meet Brian's fiance Suzanne for the first time.
Tom and Erin excited to meet Suzanne

Suzanne chillin' on the couch while Brian plays with Wyatt.

Went to the beach with Brian and Suzanne to see if we could get any good shots for their wedding invitation.

Wedding Planning Meeting @ In-N-Out

Celebrated my mom's 60th birthday.

Had to transition from this kind of weather....

to this kind of weather....

We kind of kept New Year's Eve low key this year. We had a few people over, watched a movie and ate good food. People left at around 12:30, and I went to bed.

We had quite of bit of snow in the beginning of January. More snow than Tom and I have seen since we moved to Kansas.
Fun Weather:

During the month of January, I was able to come up with the dress that I will wear to Brian and Suzanne's wedding. I already had it in my closet.


On Tuesday, February 9th at 10pm, I got a rather scary phone call. I had already been asleep for about an hour so when I answered I wasn't totally coherent. I answered the phone and it was Tom telling me that I needed to come and get him in Kansas City. He then relayed to me that he had been in a car accident, both air-bags deployed and the car wouldn't start. At the KU Edwards Campus (where he was) you have to go through a round about to exit the campus. Tom was going about 15 to 20 miles an hour when our 1997 Honda Accord hit some black ice. This in turn caused the car to lose traction from the street and bump in to a parked car that was parked in the round about. Well, he bounced off of that car and proceeded to hit a second car. Our friend David Anderson drove me to the Edwards Campus which is about 30 to 35 minutes away. On the way to the Edwards Campus I called a tow truck company (thanks Amber Anderson for looking that information up for me) and got that all lined up. Dave and I got to the accident scene and hadn't even been there for about 5 minutes when a 2010 Camaro came around the same bend that Tom came around, hit the black ice and then ran into the back of our already dead Honda. That poor car. Here are some pictures of that mess:

Well, needless to say we were back down to one car. We ended up getting quite a bit of money from our insurance company and were able to put a nice down payment on this car:
2008 Dodge Caliber

I really do appreciate all of the advice that was given to us about what we should buy. Tom and I talked a lot about what to get and this seemed right for us for several different reasons. One of those reasons is that since we own a duplex and need something that we can get larger purchases back here with, this car actually has some cargo room that we can work with. We feel very comfortable with our decisions and truly value the opinions that were offered to us.

That leads us to today....Valentine's Day. Tom got me some pajama pants and a wireless mouse for my laptop. I got him some chocolate and gave him some money to put towards some running shoes that he wants. Well, I guess he doesn't want those shoes anymore, so he will spend it on whatever he wants now....
Our weather today was:

Tom and I enjoyed the day nice and warm in our home with our fish Walter while there were two 30 car pile-ups on I-70 which shut it down about 20 minutes east of us for many hours:

I made this dinner (we don't usually eat like this):

We had this for dessert:

It was a great day.

You are all caught up on the last 6 months of our lives...Thanks for reading. I really hope to blog more frequently.

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