Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm Going For The Record....Finally A Post After 6 Months...

Well, this will be a long post. I am only 6 months behind. It will mostly be pictures. Not a ton of reading. =) Here we go...
In August we decided it was time to become a two car family. We needed two cars so that both of us could perform our jobs effectively. We added a 2003 Nissan Altima to our family.

2003 Nissan Altima
In September my cousin Tom and his wife Becky and their son Paul came to Lawrence to visit us. While they were here, we experienced chocolate covered bacon...not my favorite thing, Worlds of Fun and some church history sites.
Tom and Paul and Becky on the carousel.

Erin and Tom on the train taking cover from an afternoon rainstorm.

Tom and Paul on a ride.

In October, Tom and I traveled to St. Louis with our good friends the Baker's. We went to our church's temple, visited the arch and ate at a really good place called Pappy's Smokehouse. We did have to buy my dad a shirt while we were there because the grandkids call him Pappy!
St. Louis Temple

The Arch

Tom and Erin at The Arch

At Pappy's Smoke House. The food was mighty delicious. This place was on that show...Diner's, Drive-Ins and Dives.

Tom and I celebrated our 8th Wedding Anniversary by going to the Cheesecake Factory on the Plaza. For dessert we ordered Stephanie's Ultimate Red Velvet Cheesecake. Thank goodness we only got one and shared it. It was mighty rich and delicious.

For Thanksgiving, Tom and I drove to Jenks, Oklahoma to spend the holiday with Tom and Becky and Paul. We are so glad that we have some family in the area that we can spend time with. It takes about four hours to get there, and it is worth every minute of travel time to hang out with them. We had Thanksgiving at their home with some people from Tom's work. They were a couple from South Africa who had a really cute little girl. They had never tasted root beer before, and I SO wish I would have had a camera to take a picture of the first was priceless. Other items on the menu for our Thanksgiving feast included:
Sour Cream Rolls

Brownie Pecan Pie

Turkey & Pumpkin Pie

and many more glorious dishes that were so good.
We also visited the Tulsa Aquarium while we were there.
My cousin Tom feeding the stingrays:

My husband Tom behaving in his usual manner:

Tom and I got to experience our first ever KU Basketball Game in the Allen Field House. It was so worth the experience. I think if the opportunity presented itself again and the price was right...again, we would probably go... again.
Tom and I in the car on our way to the game.

Baby Jay

KU B-Ball Players

Final Score of the KU vs. Alcorn State Game

I have just decided that Christmas time - February 15th will be in the next post.

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Becky said...

Awesome pictures. Me dressed to match the pumpkin pie!! We need to get more of those Worlds of Fun ones! That was such a blast and such mild weather. And... Tom getting his hand eaten off by the stingrays is pretty cool.